From The Hot Box

Nacho--Sm. .99 Lg. 2.99

Pizza Slice  1.50

Bosco Stick  1.00

Pizza Stick   1.50

Buffalo/Chicken Ranch 1.50

Chicken Crispitos & Tornados 1.25

Cajun Chicken Nuggest (5) 2.59

Fish Nuggets (5) 2.99

Poppers (6) 3.00

Mushrooms (10) 2.25

Munchers (10) 2.50

Mozzarella Sticks (5) 2.50 

Potato Wedges (6) .89

**all items from the hot box are taxed and available for carry-out orders

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Submarine Sandwiches

Italian-Ham & Cheese-Roast Beef - Turkey

available toppings-

Lettuce-Tomato-Yellow Peppers

We also carry a popular selection of groceries including Potatoes and Onions and a large variety of spices and seasonings!

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